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the Halifax photo scavenger hunt.
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The rules are pretty simple for now, they will develop with time.

Take a picture somewhere in Halifax, indoors, outdoors (must be somewhere in access to public!) and then post it. Members will try to guess where the picture was taken. Try not to make it too difficult, a challenge is good, but don't go overboard. The object of the game is to have fun, and to be more observant about our halifax surroundings. Get off your computers and go outside! Share the bits of halifax we overlook! Let's ignore the weather, and try to appreciate the little marks, scrapes, oddities and objects that make Halifax what it is.

I am thinking about making a points system for members, but i don't know how to keep track at this time. (Any help or input would be appreciated!) members can recieve 1-5 points for a good picture sumbission (points can be determined by vote...) and the submitter can give points to the people who guess correctly. For now, we'll try to keep a tally here...